Spin up Express/TypeScript apps on the fly with all the configurations handled for you.

Create express apps in a robust scalable way!

Just googling “express typescript” will yield quit a few results on how to setup Typescript for your express application. While the process is certainly getting easier overtime, there are quite a few steps involved. I’ve used express.js for quite a few…

Create an Express server in a classic object-oriented style

Express on steroids

Are you attracted to the ease-of-use and rapid-development of NodeJS with the Express web-server, but worried about the scalability and type-safety needed for large applications? Not to fear, TypeScript has got you covered. It still provides the advantages of a scripting language with the robustness of a static language like C# or Java. Learning TypeScript is trivial if you already know JavaScript, configuring it just requires a little extra setup.

Get the rules out of your code so non-engineers can make updates overtime

Trool makes it easy to update your program overtime!

Trool Introduction

Trool is a simple npm library for NodeJS which allows you to create rules for your program in a spreadsheet-style format. Engineering time for businesses can be expensive: you want to keep that to a minimum. The problem is your program may need lots of small updates over time depending on business needs. It’s a waste of money to call on programmers every time a small change needs to be made. …

Great for projects of any size… startups and enterprises!

The TypeScript world is limitless

Many will tell you that NodeJS is better suited for small projects and that static, compiled languages like Java/C# are better for large enterprise applications. This is where TypeScript comes in handy; it gives you the rapid development of a scripting language combined with the type safety of a static language. If you already know JavaScript, the learning curve for TypeScript is extremely small. TypeScript just requires a little extra setup at the beginning because it’s well… a superset and not technically a language.

All the major aspects of TypeScript objects in one place so you don’t have to google around for them

(TypeScript === JavaScript with Superpowers) => true

If you come from a traditional object-oriented (OO) background like me and are daunted by the quirks of JavaScript — not to fear — because TypeScript has got you covered. This tutorial is going to skim through all the major points of TypeScript objects while giving examples along way and showing you when they come in handy. The features of TypeScript objects overlap heavily with traditional OO languages like Java and C#, so some of these you may already be familiar with these points if you’re a seasoned programmer. …

All the confusing points about JavaScript objects revealed so you can stop hating them as much

Ughhh, why does JavaScript have to be like this?

To many new developers the JavaScript world may seem pretty irksome, especially to those from a traditional object-oriented background. Just googling around for some JavaScript code and explanations might reveal pretty messy code and confusing terminology. To make things easier, this article is going to give you an overview of simple, prototype-based inheritance, so you can have a good foundation for programming with JavaScript.

…and some tips for getting started

The JavaScript world is endless

In the world of programming, finding beauty in simplicity means we want to reuse the same tool/language wherever possible and avoid as much boiler plate code as we can. If you’re a web developer, you’re probably aware of the fact that JavaScript can be used as both a front and a back-end language. Maybe you’re already considering full-stack JavaScript or actively using it. Regardless of where you are, here’s a list of 10 things you should learn if you want to be a full-stack JavaScript developer.

Quick Note: being a full-stack developer means being able to write server code (back-end)…

TypeScript decorators for the ExpressJS web framework

Overnight is faster than Express, get it?

OvernightJS Introduction

OvernightJS is a simple library to add TypeScript decorators to ExpressJS routes. It’s not meant to act as an extra layer on top of Express or take you away from the RESTful style of writing back-end web APIs. There are some complex libraries out there which do add TypeScript decorators to Express but they are practically brand new frameworks with huge amounts of documentation. OvernightJS is simple, easy and hardly takes any time to learn if you are already somewhat familiar with ExpressJs.

How it works

Once you’ve installed OvernightJS, simply import the controller decorator, place…

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